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First generation college student and alumna Liz worked multiple jobs to get her environmental science degree, and now helps other students achieve their STEM dreams.

Alumna Darya wove together microbiology, social science and environmental policy to purse law school.

Wanting to protect both environmental and public health, alumna Catie works in the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ)

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Water Harvesting Project Manager and Designer, Watershed Management Group

Degree: B.S. Environmental Science (Sustainable Land and Water)

Graduation Year: 2012

“I may not have found my way to this path without a class taught by Dr. James Riley [retired] called Residential Rainwater Harvesting. Who knew you could do science and play in the “dirt” at the same time? Dr. Riley is the primary reason I am where I am today. Water has always been an interest of mine and having the opportunity to take the rainwater harvesting course opened my eyes to something that was missing from the community’s awareness.”

As a water harvesting project manager and designer, Perino designs and installs cisterns to capture rainwater, taking into account how to collect rainwater from the landscape and roof surfaces.In order to do this, he must decide on best management practices from contouring the soil and cistern design, as well as making calculations on rooftop run-off.

Perino also teaches water harvesting through the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension and Tucson Clean and Beautiful.

Staff Scientist, ROUX Environmental Consulting and Management

Degree: B.S. in Environmental Science (Sustainable Land/Water Management), M.S. with the Biogeochemistry Lab Group

Graduation Year: 2013

Maxwell assists the litigation team out of the Oakland Office working on various projects including: fate and transport of environmental contaminants, timing release events, and determining pollution allocations for sites with multiple potentially responsible parties.

Maxwell was also a National Science Foundation-Research Experience of Undergraduate Intern at the Carnegie Institute of Science and a University of Arizona/NASA Space Grant Intern.

Fisheries Biologist, NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service  

Degree: BS in Environmental Science (Science and Policy) and M.S. in Environmental Science (with Dr. Virginia Rich)

Graduation Year: 2014

Massesy assists in developing and writing fisheries regulations for Coastal Pelagic Species including for. Pacific sardine, Pacific mackerel, northern anchovy, jack mackerel, and Pacific Groundfish.

Assistant Professor at the University of Kentucky in the Department of Plant and Soil Sciences

Graduation Year: 2018

Degree: Ph.D in Soil, Water and Environmental Science and Minor in Natural Resources

Shepard researches soils form and function and how it relates to the surrounding environment.

Global Focus Field Manager and the North American Head of Application and Development at a top-ten chemical manufacturing company

Graduation Year: 2018

Degree: Ph.D in Soil, Water and Environmental Science

Roundhill develops new and environmentally friendly safe alternatives for the mining industry. This includes five labs in other countries as well as locally overseeing a team of eight research scientists.

Roundhill is also professor of environmental science online for University of California, Los Angeles

Recycling Service Manager at Momentum Recycling

Graduation Year: 2018

Degree: M.S. in Environmental Science

Hard manages Momentum Recycling's commercial customer accounts and waste production data to help to adjust their service accordingly.

During her time at the University of Arizona, she was a Graduate Research Assistant who was working on a project commissioned by the City of Tucson to evaluate the state and safety of a sealed landfill in Tucson for potential agricultural uses.