We tackle today's big environmental challenges. See how we do it.

Watch the video to see a glimpse of six stories that show the people behind the science in our department.

As part of our mission, we strive to find solutions to diverse environmental challenges. And we do that in many ways. From uranium mining and algae blooms to environmental justice and climate policy, the science is just as diverse as the people behind it.

We partnered with Landmark Stories, a small documentary team powered by the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, to offer an intimate glimpse into what drives today’s scientists to solve some of the biggest environmental challenges we face today.

In The Making of a Metalhead Scientist, we follow Brenna on her winding path to environmental science.

Watch this self-proclaimed metalhead scientist find her path in environmental science

Meet Brenna. A talented artist and environmental science major who loves all things outdoors, metal music and cats. Because of her unconventional path, Brenna remains audacious in the face of unforeseen setbacks and feels empowered by science.

“Microbiology is working with the magical and the invisible. Everything is details. It takes time and practice and patience… and being kind to yourself. Especially if you fail, which can happen a lot in science.”

She helps our faculty Dr. Paul Carini better understand the microbes beneath out feet. Limited understanding of the smallest organisms in our world hinders our ability to handle these environmental challenges, like shifting climates, contaminated water and increasing drought. One day, she hopes to use her knowledge of microbiology in bioremediation--using microbes to treat the contamination of soil and water.