ENVS Colloquium

Join us for our departmental colloquium where we invite local and international speakers to discuss a variety of topics related to environmental science! All are welcome to attend.

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Spring 2022 - ENVS Colloquium

Upcoming presentations:

  • January 24: Microbial systems ecology to understand desiccation tolerance in soil microbes and microbial modulation of arsenic toxicity in mice (Carini Laboratory, University of Arizona) 
  • January 31: TBD (Dr. Bradley SchmitzLoudoun Water)
  • February 7: TBD (Tfaily Laboratory, University of Arizona)
  • February 14: TBD (Barberan Laboratory, University of Arizona)  
  • February 21: TBD (Babst-Kosteka Laboratory, University of Arizona
  • February 28: TBD (Ramirez-Andreotta Laboratory, University of Arizona)
  • March 7: Spring Break - no classes
  • March 14: TBD (Rassmussen Laboratory, University of Arizona)
  • March 21: ENViSion Presentations
  • March 28: TBD (Chief Laboratory, University of Arizona
  • April 4: TBD (Brusseau Laboratory, University of Arizona)
  • April 11: TBD  (Maier Laboratory, University of Arizona
  • April 18: ENVS Undergraduate Presentations
  • April 25: TBD (Chorover Laboratory, University of Arizona)
  • May 2: TBD

Spring 2022 Schedule & Presentations Events Calendar

Fall 2021 - ENVS Colloquium

See past presentations and listen to recordings:

  • August 23: Welcome Back & Introductions (Marcel Schaap, PhD, & Kathleen Landeen, University of Arizona) 
  • August 30: All ENVS Graduate Meeting (Paul Carini, PhD, Marcel Schaap, PhD, & Kathleen Landeen, University of Arizona)
  • September 6: Labor Day - no classes
  • September 13: ENVS + NVIS present, Native Science: Natural Laws of Interdependence (Gregory Cajete (Tewa), PhD, University of New Mexico)  
  • September 20: Environmental Protection, Mitigation, Experiences, and Job Opportunities from U of A Alumnus (Barney Popkin, Tucson, Arizona
  • September 27: Introduction to Data Visualization (Devin Bayly & Jeff Oliver, PhD, University of Arizona)
  • October 4: Microbes, memory, and moisture: microbial response to climate change and its effect on ecosystem function (Sarah Evans, PhD, Michigan State University)
  • October 11: Effects of Environmental Stressors on Soil Microbial Communities (Priyanka Kushwaha, PhD, University of Arizona)
  • October 18: ENVS + NVIS present, Kanawayihetaytan Askiy Indigenous Land Management Program (Melissa Arcand, PhD, University of Saskatchewan)
  • October 25: Microbial syntrophy in the subsurface (Jennifer Biddle, PhD, University of Delaware
  • November 1: Sensitivity of soil microbial volatile organic compound metabolism to drought and rewet (Laura Meredith, PhD, University of Arizona)
  • November 8: Microbial ecology of wildfire and consequences for carbon cycling (Thea Whitman, PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • November 15:  NVS + NVIS present, Amplifying Indigenous Voices in Invasive Species and Forest Adaptation Management (Danielle Ignace (Coeur d'Alene), PhD, Harvard University)
  • November 22: ENVS Undergraduate Presentations
  • November 29: Managing microbial communities at the interface of infrastructure, environment, and public health (Ameet Pinto, PhD, Georgia Tech)
  • December 6: CANCELLED ENVS + NVIS present, Indigenous Peoplehood Model for UArizona Cooperative Extension (Joshua Moore, University of Arizona)

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