ENVS Colloquium

Join us for our departmental colloquium where we invite local and international speakers to discuss a variety of topics related to environmental science! All are welcome to attend.


Join us for Spring 2021!

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Spring 2021 - ENVS Colloquium

Upcoming presentations:

  • January 25: Welcome Back & Discussion
  • February 1: COVID-19 Containment on a College Campus with Wasterwater-based Epidemiology (Ian Pepper, PhD) & Development of a Toolbox to Reduce Environmental Spread of SARS-CoVid-2 (Charles Gerba, PhD)
  • February 8: From Microbes to Machines: There was Data Science (Ryan Bartelme, PhD, Cyverse) 
  • February 22: Dvera I. Saxtion, PhD, California State University Fresno
  • March 8: Sacoby Wilson, PhD, University of Maryland
  • March 22: Assessing and Enhancing Soil Health to Mitigate Dust, Rehabilitate Rangelands, and Sustain Croplands (Joey Blankinship, PhD)
  • April 12Joan Rose, PhD, Michigan State University
  • April 19Solange Duhamel, PhD, Molecular and Cellular Biology

Spring 2021 Schedule & Presentations Events Calendar

Fall 2020 - ENVS Colloquium

See past presentations and listen to recordings:

  • Reducing Unconscious Bias & Microaggressions in the Classroom (Laura Hunter, PhD)
  • What Feeds you? Cultivating Self & Community Care (Kunal Palawat)
  • Occurrence & Transport of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) in the Environment (Mark Brusseau, PhD)
  • Life as a EPA Community Involvement Coordinator (Yolanda Anita Sanchez)
  • Seeking Justice, Eating Toxics: Overlooked Contaminants in Urban Community Gardens (Melanie Malone, PhD)
  • Tribes & the Outdoor Industry (Len Necefer, PhD)

See Fall 2020 Presentations