ENVS Colloquium

Join us for our departmental colloquium where we invite local and international speakers to discuss a variety of topics related to environmental science! All are welcome to attend.

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Join us for Spring 2021!

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Spring 2021 - ENVS Colloquium

Upcoming presentations:

  • January 25: Welcome Back & Discussion
  • February 1: COVID-19 Containment on a College Campus with Wastewater-based Epidemiology (Ian Pepper, PhD) & Development of a Toolbox to Reduce Environmental Spread of SARS-CoVid-2 (Charles Gerba, PhD)
  • February 8: From Microbes to Machines: There was Data Science (Ryan Bartelme, PhD, Cyverse) 
  • February 22: Bias Education & Support Team (BEST) (Veda Kowalski, Dean of Student Office) & reporting bias, microaggressions, and discrimination (Whitney Mohr, Office of Institutional Equity)  
  • March 8: Bending the Arc Towards Environmental Justice: The Need to DeColonize Science to Improve Environmental Health in Communities Impacted by Environmental Racism and Injustice, Sacoby Wilson, PhD, University of Maryland, College Park School of Public Health
  • March 22: Assessing and Enhancing Soil Health to Mitigate Dust, Rehabilitate Rangelands, and Sustain Croplands (Joey Blankinship, PhD, University of Arizona)
  • April 5: Brownfields, Redevelopment and Conservation: An Overview of Challenges and Opportunities (José Francisco Garcia Jr., Brownfields Project Manager, US EPA Southern CA Field Office)
  • April 12: Moving the Political Will: Tales from the Field, Joan B. Rose, PhD, Homer Nowlin Chair in Water Research, Michigan State University
  • April 19: Phytoplankton like a mixed diet!, Solange Duhamel, PhD, University of Arizona
  • April 26: ENVS Undergraduate Presentations
  • May 3: Advancing Environmental Justice and Health Equity through Innovation in Research, Policy, and Communication, Ami Zota, PhD, Yoshira Ornelas Van Horne, PhD, and MyDzung Chu, PhD, Agents of Change Program Fellows

Spring 2021 Schedule & Presentations Events Calendar

Fall 2020 - ENVS Colloquium

See past presentations and listen to recordings:

  • August 31: Reducing Unconscious Bias & Microaggressions in the Classroom (Laura Hunter, PhD)
  • September 14: What Feeds you? Cultivating Self & Community Care (Kunal Palawat)
  • September 28: Occurrence & Transport of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) in the Environment (Mark Brusseau, PhD)
  • October 12: Life as a EPA Community Involvement Coordinator (Yolanda Anita Sanchez)
  • October 26: Seeking Justice, Eating Toxics: Overlooked Contaminants in Urban Community Gardens (Melanie Malone, PhD)
  • December 7: Tribes & the Outdoor Industry (Len Necefer, PhD)

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