Graduate Student Resources

Our graduate students are expected to follow the policies and procedures for both the Graduate College and for our department. It is your responsibility to be up-to-date on polices:

Graduate Handbook

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Read our Graduate Student Handbook (updated June 2021) to see an overview of the program, policies and procedures, program requirements and details and more.

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Graduate Courses

Graduate students take a wide variety of environmental science courses

Review course descriptions for our upper level and graduate courses offered by our department.

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Graduate Student Leadership

Graduate student speaking

See a list of contacts and updates from various leadership roles around the University of Arizona and in the department.

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Graduate Forms

Graduate Progress Report Form

Annual evaluation for satisfactory progress based on grade point average and overall profess towards completion of your graduate degree requirements. Due June 15. Major professors required to sign the form before submission

Directions for Graduate Annual Progress Report:

  • Only report units for which grades have been posted at the time of submission. 
  • Graded units are those that earn a grade of A, B, C, D, and E only. 
  • Answer all questions to the best of your ability, and include both Progress Report pages with your submission
    • Leave the second page blank
  • Log in to UAccess Student Center and GradPath to find the status of your required Graduate College forms
    • Any continuing student not graduating in May should submit a progress report

In addition to the (1) ENVS Graduate Student Annual Progress Report form, attach the separate, typed/printed documents:

  1. CV including a listing of all scholarly and non-scholarly publication, conferences, grants, awards, etc.
  2. Brief update of your progress in the degree program (~300–500 words).
  3. Brief projection of your academic and research plans for the upcoming year (~500 words)
  4. Comments or input that your Major Professor or the ENVS Director of Graduate Studies should be aware

Your Progress Report should be compiled in the order numbered above then signed by your EVNS Major Professor in the box on the top page.

Please submit your progress report electronically in single PDF format on or before the final deadline 4:00pm June 15, 2020.  Before submitting, name your file using this format:  STUDENTLASTNAME.First Name_Plan_Major Professor Last Name_Year (example:  LANDEEN.Kathleen_SWESMS_Schaap_2020.) .

Any questions contact the ENVS Graduate Advisor, Kathleen Landeen.

Graduate Satisfactory Progress Policy

Expectations and timetable for all graduate study in our department.

ENVS Petition Form

Students have the right to formally request exceptions to department policies and procedures or formally appeal department decisions by submitting a this Petition to the academic advisor, Kathleen Landeen.

ENVS Individual Study Proposal

Download, fill out the form and return BEFORE registering for an individual study course.

ENVS Doctoral Prospectus

The University of Arizona Graduate college mandates that every student in a doctoral program has an approved dissertation prospectus or proposal on file with the department. As soon as the student has an approved prospectus/proposal on file with the department the department will submit the prospectus/proposal confirmation form in GradPath on behalf of the student.

ENVS Defense Flyer Form

Defense Form

Fill out this form AFTER you have your official defense details. We use the information you provide to put together a promotional flyer that is circulated through the ENVS listserv and social media.

ENVS New Graduate Student Directory Form

Directory Form

Fill out this form when you are officially a NEW graduate student in ENVS. We use the information you provide to create a profile for you on the Graduate Student directory section of the website.

Connect with our advisor, Kathleen.

Kathleen Landeen will help you make decisions about your educational and career goals as you progress through your degree program.

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