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Expand your scientific skills and further your career with our graduate programs.

Explore the graduate work we offer in Master of Science, Doctor of Philosophy and several dual Master's degrees.

Our outstanding faculty and staff are distinguished by their understanding of soil, water, and the environment and their ability to carry out research and planning towards the solution of environmental and resource use problems.

We encourage you to reach out to faculty individually to ask about their research and potentially opportunities in working in their labs.

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You can also check out what current graduate students study!

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We focus our research activities in three key areas

  • Environmental science
    • Contaminant transport and fate
    • Water quality
    • Waste management and reuse
    • Soil and groundwater remediation
    • Ecosystem restoration.
  • Critical zone science
    • Physical, chemical and microbiological processes
  • Soil, plant and atmospheric systems
    • Climate science
    • Soil-water-plant relations
    • Soil genesis, morphology and pedology

How to Apply

Learn about requirements for our graduate programs and how to apply.

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Graduate Programs

Explore our five graduate degree programs.

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Graduate Financial Help

Find out about financial support, funding opportunities and travel awards available for our graduate students.

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General Policies, Procedures and Forms

Find out about out policies and resources for current graduate students.

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    Consider rounding out your education with certificates in soil, water policy or aquaculture.

    • Certified Professional Soil Scientist

    • Graduate Certificate in Aquaculture

    • Graduate Certificate in Water Policy

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    See below for the Fall 2019 Colloquium Series for our department geared towards the needs of our graduate students.

    Join us in Marley 230 Lecture Hall every Monday from 3:00-4:00pm
    • Meet and greet with all graduate students
    • Discuss the colloquium series for the semester 
    • Set up the Graduate Council who will plan events, including during Earth Week
    • Sign up for KXCI Thesis Thursdays
    • Candidate for the Mine Systems biogeochemistry faculty position, Dr. Alicja Babst-Kostecka will give her presentation
    • We will have Ms. Martinez and Mr. Sharp lead discussions about available professional development
    • We have panelists Julie Neilson, Ian Pepper and Chuck Gerba for our department discuss how to make partnerships and funding work.
    • We will have panelists Carolyn A.F. Enquist, Elise Gornish, Don Falk and Steve Jackson with modern Monica Ramirez-Andreotta discuss translational ecology, an approach in which ecologists, stakeholders, and decision-makers work together to develop research that addresses the sociological, ecological, and political contexts of an environmental problem
    • Dr. Kirsten Limesand is a Professor in Nutritional Sciences and Assistant Dean for Graduate Education in CALS.
    • Assistant Professor Dr. Kerry Hamilton from the School of Sustainable Engineering and the Build Environment from Arizona State University will discuss:
      • Environmental microbiology
      • Computational laboratory
      • Water quality and public health through data-driven approaches
    • Come support our Environmental Science and Sustainable Plant Systems undergraduates as they present on their jobs and internships from the summer and fall of 2019
    • Monica Ramirez-Andreotta and Jill De Zapien will discuss how to make community partnerships work in order to put your research into action