Julieann Fonseca

Research Professional II

Julieann Marie Fonseca is a first-generation college graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Health emphasized in One Health. Providing services and information to a community was introduced throughout her undergraduate education as a student worker at the University of Arizona Libraries. She was able to effectively combine her academic and communicational skills to be an exceptional intern with an EPA funded project: Dust Ingestion Children Study DIRT, with research site lead and University of Arizona professor Dr. Paloma Beamer. Being able to style shift is essential in providing information that is individualized to that specific demographic’s environmental exposure. It is not as simple as providing health equality instead equity must be delivered that is tailored to the needs of the person(s). By providing education, allocating resources and supporting communities facing health disparities, as a society we can work towards achieving this mission. Through community engagement we can empower communities to take control of their health and wellbeing as a whole to ensure a bright future ahead. As a Research Professional in the Ramírez-Andreotta Integrated Environmental Science and Health Risk Lab she hopes to contribute her past experiences to Dr. Ramírez-Andreotta’s community-based projects.