Areas of Research

Explore what we research in our soil, water, air and beyond.


Collecting soil samples from Mt. Lemmon near Tucson, Arizona
Paul Carini/University of Arizona

Our faculty, staff and students work across a broad and diverse range of environmental science challenges.

Discover what our faculty research in the selected categories below.

Arid and Semi-Arid Agriculture

We develop the foundation for the successful future of agricultural production in arid landscapes.

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Climate Change and Drought Impacts

We seek to understand climatic impacts on arid and semi-arid ecosystems and work to increase the resilience of these systems.

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Critical Zone Science

We examine subsurface processes and ecosystem-climate interactions.

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Environmental Quality, Justice and Health

We engage with impacted communities in scientific research to answer the questions they have about their environment.

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Microbial Ecology

We address the urgent need to understand the composition and function of this microscopic world and their global impacts.

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Pollution Dynamics

We research the intricate transportation, transformation and fate of contaminants in order to solve environmental challenges.

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Remediation, Reclamation and Restoration

We focus on developing science-based remediation, reclamation and restoration methods to transform such impacted lands into productive ecosystems.

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Water Quality, Security and Sustainability

We work towards a sustainable future for our water.

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