Environmental Quality, Justice and Health

We engage with impacted communities in scientific research to answer the questions they have about their environment.

Our quality of life depends on the quality of the environment that we inhabit. The latter varies because of the health risks from exposure to contaminated water, soil and air. Communities of lower socioeconomic status are often disproportionately affected by polluted lands.

This raises questions of environmental justice, whereby all people should have access to fair and equal treatment with respect to environmental regulations. We work with citizen scientists and partners to collect data and translate findings for affected communities.

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Raina M. Maier

Raina M. Maier


Professor, Bio5 Institute

Ian Pepper

Ian L. Pepper


Director, UA/NSF Water and Environmental Technology (WET) Center

  • I focus on environmental justice, and risk assessment, communication and research translation in our work on environmental quality, justice and health.
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