Sustainable Plant Systems Major

Your perfect world is lush and green, and we provide the fresh perspective you need to grow your future in sustainable agriculture.

We partnered with the School of Plant Sciences and Biosystems Engineering to create the interdisciplinary major that focuses on advancing the science of modern agriculture and crop production.

  • Our leading curriculum provides you with a solid foundation in basic and applied plant and soil science. Current and prospective students can view the current curriculum and classes below.
  • Faculty mentors challenge you to apply that understanding to hands-on field experiences and research based on your interests.
  • You'll develop plant and crop production systems, guide land management programs, and advance the latest practices to achieve fresh, safe produce.

Sustainable Plant Systems Curriculum Guide

Review the curriculum guide (updated June 2017) and see the classes for the bachelor's degree in Sustainable Plant Systems and each sub-plan.

You will gain deep knowledge of modern agriculture and crop production.

Then, choose a sub-plan listed below for more in-depth.

Discover how to create and manage premiere sustainable growing systems.

This path in our sustainable plant systems major will help you cultivate technologies to efficiently produce plants and plant-based products.

You will learn how to optimize resource consumption and use environmentally, socially and economically sustainable growing systems in arid lands and urban settings.

Learn the best horticulture practices.

This path in our sustainable plant systems major will help you develop methods for producing and managing edible and ornamental plants. 

You will focus on lessening inputs and environmental impact and promoting human health and economic well-being.

Expanding and strengthening your knowledge of crops.

Learn the appropriate management of the crop ecosystem and critical aspects of soil-plant relationships.

You will focus on low water use and disease resistant plants that increase crop yield and plant health in fields where land size often constrains production.

Unearth new and innovative ways to keep our food safe.

This path in our sustainable plant systems major teaches you how to establish Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) in the field and harvest, relating to the production of leafy green and fresh vegetable food safety.

You will learn about food safety issues and field risk assessments, as well as concerns in the manufacturing facility that include facility sanitation, recognizing potential hazards and analysis of problems in the production. You will also learn about harvest and processing chain that includes Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) principles, employee training, and field, harvest and processing inspection process.

Teaching about environmental science


Unearth the career opportunities available to you with our sustainable plant systems degree.