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Past Editions

  • September 2021 - ENVS welcome, NVIS collaboration, and ENVS news
  • August 2021 - Water, climate, and new students
  • April 2021 - Regents Professor, outstanding students, and graduation vibes
  • March 2021 - 2021 ENViSion is here, amazing undergraduates, ENVS in the news
  • February 2021 - New microcampus, amazing students, and communicating science
  • January 2021 - 2021 ENViSion at UA EarthWeek, amazing undergraduates and research spotlight on soil
  • November/December 2020 - Well wishes, outstanding students, save-the-date and water research video
  • October 2020 - New people, mapping microbes and student accomplishments
  • September 2020 - Welcome back, meet your major video and graduate student training grant
  • Summer (June-August) 2020 - New video about climate and water policy, wastewater testing, soil lab kits and colloquium schedule
  • May 2020 - Virtual graduation, alumni spotlight and student feature on Instagram
  • April 2020 - Outstanding students, new UA Global Microcampus, and lightning talks on graduate research
  • March 2020 - COVID-19 update and resources, meet students and alumni, virtual 2020 ENViSion at EarthWeek
  • February 2020 - Student and alumni spotlights, Thesis Thursday on website and snapshots from social media
  • January 2020 - Welcome to The Critical Zone

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