Undergraduate Student Resources


Talking at an environmental science job fair

Schedule an appointment with our advisors to help you navigate classes, internships and potential career paths.

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Undergraduate Courses

Students walking up Saguaro Hall steps

Explore course descriptions for classes offered in our department.

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Curriculum Guide

Studying soil in environmental science

Find your path in our B.S. in Environmental Sciences. Review required major courses, as your options in our four sub-plans/emphasis areas.



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Internship in environmental science

Find out what internships that await you in environmental science and sustainability! Current students, find out the steps to fulfill internship requirements.

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Financial Help

Students in front of Old Main

Explore the 200 scholarships available to CALS students as well as financial aid and travel awards through the Department of Environmental Science.

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Undergraduate Documents

Students working in a group

Access our curriculum guide, internship forms and the 500 level course petition.

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Student Club

SWES Club students visited the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum

Get involved with the Environmental Science Club!

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Study Abroad

Students camping during study abroad in Australia

Visit landscapes and see biodiversity that most people have never experienced while learning about environmental conservation in places like Australia, Ecuador and Nambia.

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Transfer Students

Students taking a class outside

Check out steps and pre-requisites for our programs if you are a transfer student from a community college.

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Connect with our advisor, Kathleen.

Kathleen Landeen will help you make decisions about your educational and career goals as you progress through your degree program.

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