Environmental Science Minor

Take some of our core courses to learn more about the challenges facing our soil, air and water. 


Review the Environmental Science Minor curriculum below, and read course descriptions of classes taught by our faculty on our Course List. 

General Science (Take 8 courses/14 units) Courses (Units)
Careers in Environmental Science ENVS 195A (1)
Introduction to Soil Science & Soils Laboratory ENVS 200 & 201 (4)
Fundamentals of Environmental Science & Sustainability ENVS 210 (3)
Introductory Biology MCB 181R (3)
Water Harvesting ENVS 454 (3)
  OR Green Infrastructure OR ENVS 450 (3)
  OR Water, Environment, and Society OR GEOG 304 (3)
  OR Water and Sustainability OR GEOG 468 (3)
Upper Division Courses (Select 2 courses) ENVS, AREC, ATMOS, HIST, HWRS, POL, RNR (6)


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