Peer Mentors

Our peer mentors help new Environmental Science majors reach their full potential! From navigating classes to answering questions about campus life, the peer mentors are here to help. 

Environmental Science Peer mentors group photograph

Environmental Science Peer Mentors

Who are the Peer Mentors?

Our Peer Mentors are current Environmental Science majors (sophomores, juniors and seniors) who help first year students navigate classes, explore campus life and develop skills necessary to excel at environmental science. 

A few activities include:

  • Help prepare for studying Environmental Science!
  • Help preparing for college life!
  • Help getting connected to the ENVS community!
  • Share knowledge about campus resources!

This personalized experience helps build community and better integrate new students into our department at the University of Arizona.

Meet our current Mentors below!

Abigail Becker

Environmental Science major — Soil, Air, and Water emphasis


I chose to major in environmental science because I’ve always been passionate about science and respecting as well as protecting the natural world. I’m from a suburb of Chicago. My hobbies include thrifting and helping out as the Health and Wellness Chairwoman in my sorority here at the U of A! Something fun I like to do on campus is hammock! In the future I would love the opportunity to travel outside the US in an effort to educate myself on what other countries are doing to ensure climate justice. 

Jeena Davidson

Environmental Science major

email: Jeena Davidson

Hello! My name is Jeena and I am a senior majoring in Environmental Science with a Pre-Law thematic minor. I am passionate aboutadvocating for the environment, and eventually, I would like to work in the field of environmental policyafter attending law school. Right now, I am involved in research and am completing an honors thesis. My hobbies include cooking, reading, and doing jigsaw puzzles. I became a Peer Mentor because I want to help you enjoy your undergraduate experience as much as possible, so please reach out!

Madison Gerdes

Environmental Science major


I spent a year in Business before realizing I felt a “pull” towards the environmental sciences. I’m drawn to conservation and sustainability work, and between all the time I spent outside as a kid camping in the Appalachians back home in North Carolina and now exploring all the desert has to offer here in Tucson, I realized I could take my passion for the outdoors and make a career of it! I switched to ENVS and couldn’t be happier! I’m a huge book and plant person, and I can’t stop myself from buying either of those! My library and plant shelves are my pride and joy. I spend almost all my time in ENR2. It’s a great, calm place to study and get work done and always puts me in the right mindset. I’m open to moving back home to Charlotte, NC or staying in Arizona after graduation. I definitely want to do sustainability work, but other than that, the plans are still up in the air!


Alayna Hicks

Environmental Science major — Leadership, Communications, and Sustainability emphasis


"I choose an ENVS major because nature is my passion. I want to be able to reverse the damage we have caused to the Earth as well as discover new things. I love being outdoors and this is the perfect major for that. I played on the college softball team for 2 years but played softball for 12 years. I am from Mesa, Arizona and have lived there my entire life. Summer of 2022 I lived in Florida for a marine science internship at Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute. I enjoy traveling, hiking, and working out. I want to live in Florida (possibly, it could change) and find a job that has a purpose and makes me happy. I want to travel for a little bit then start a family."





Linden Sentell

Environmental Science major


"I chose to become an environmental science major because I have always enjoyed the outdoors. Also, my favorite subject has always been science so I felt this major was away to combine those two interests. I grew up in Hawaii and enjoy spending time outdoors going to the beach, skateboarding, or just hanging out with friends. I don’t have any specific plans laid out for me, but I do plan to work outside in some form. I am still deciding locations, but I would like to explore more of the world after college." 


Ana Soto Velázquez

 Environmental Science major


"I chose the ENVS major because I wanted to combine my passion for the environment and the sciences. I am interested in applying the concepts of soil, air, and water to solve environmental challenges and mitigate climate change. Iam from Sonora, Mexico, but I’ve known Tucson since I was a baby because I always visited for vacation. During my free time, I like to take spinning classes, occasionally swim (in the summer), eat out, and do STEM outreach. After I graduate, I plan on traveling for the summer before I get a job in either environmental science research or environmental consulting. And after a year or two, perhaps go to graduate school."

Emma Teece

Environmental Science major — Leadership, Communication, and Sustainability emphasis


"Hi! I am a senior studying Environmental Science with an emphasis in Leadership, Communication, and Sustainability. I’m also pursuing a minor in Marine Science. I am from Tucson, Arizona and I love the outdoors and have always wanted to learn how to better protect the environment. I love singing, painting, playing my ukulele, and playing Minecraft. I am also on the University of Arizona Varsity ESports team for CS:GO. The ESports arena at the Student Union is such a fun place to be if you enjoy gaming, it is open for all students! In the future I hope to work with the EPA."

Past Peer Mentors

  • Kage Anderson
  • Rylie Gosiak
  • Rae Pickens 
  • Nick Buchanan
  • Savannah Jimenez 
  • Julia Randolph 
  • Davis Caldwell
  • Anna Jones 
  • Nyah Torres 
  • Mariah Cathey
  • Cat Maroney
  • Phillip Tran 
  • Isaiah Daum
  • Maddie Morris
  • Jonni Zeman
  • Petrita Davilia
  • Ruth Muir


  • Hannah Everhart
  • Josie Phillips